This is the famous "Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli, 1486.

The Renaissance intended to revive the classical antique style of symmetry
and proportions as their ideal of beauty. The treatise of Vituv inspired the world.

At the same time the artisan changed from a craftsman to a scientist and intellectual.






9. Birth of Venus Sandro

Botticelli ˜ 1486; Florence, Uffiz.


10. Sleeping Venus Giorgione, Venice, 1505; Dresden

Now attention is drawn vehemently from religious to profane, worldly themes, for the first time in history
except in the Hellenistic era of Ancient Rome. The ideals of "Humanism" that we see personified here in
the painting of Giorgione "Sleeping Venus", Venice 1505, had an immense affect until modern times,
as well as this special invention of a reclining nude!